Monday, 11 April 2011

Club Challenge

We were all given a chair to use in a scene or dress as our monthly club challenge.

I've often thought about doing a home front scene so I used this chance to make a room corner set in World War 2

The radio is a card printie, the books on make do and mend and war time cookery were scanned and printed and I used some printies from a magazine.

The wardens hat is made from paper clay and painted.  Boxes were made by me, as was the cat in the basket in the corner. 

Although it cannot be seen clearly there is knitting and a magazine on the chair.

It may not all be historically correct but I hope I have given the feel of the times.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Latest Painting

After a pep talk from my brother-in-law I've started painting again.  This is the first I've painted for a few months now and I shall list it on ebay.

Pavonia after Frederic Leighton